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A brief introduction to the worlds' best design award and competition.

Design Award Brief

Vision, Mission, Action


A' Design Award and Competition is the worlds' largest design competition awarding best designs, design concepts and products & services. The A' Design Competition is organized annually and participation is accepted worldwide. Both concept stage products and realized designs could be submitted. The primary aim of the competition is to create publicity, PR push and advertisement opportunities for award winners while supporting the global design culture, creating incentives for entrants to come up with superior designs for a better future.


A' Design Award & Competition is organized under many different categories. Each design competition category has a specific brief, a dedicated jury and distinct evaluation criteria in order for the submissions the category to be fairly evaluated. A' Design Award categories can be summarized into 4 headings: 1. Industrial Design Competitions, 2. Graphics Design Competitions, 3. Architecture and Interior Design Awards, 4. Arts and Engineering Awards. An exclusive list of all the design competition categories are available here.


Application to A' Design Award & Competition is easy but requires following a few steps. You need to register and login to A' Design Award Webpage. After Login, you will access the "Control Panel" where you can upload and nominate your designs and projects.


Follow these steps:
1. Register.
2. Login.
3. Upload Your Design.
4. Nominate.


• Extensive PR Campaign • Press Release Preparation • Press Release Distribution • Communicated to Magazines • Communicated to Blogs • Newsletter Announcement • Award Trophy • Winners' Certificate • Exhibition Certificate  • Winners Badges • Competition Logo • Good Design Mark • Participants' Certificate • Content Syndication: IDNN & DXGN • Competition Statistics • Score Sheet • Yearbook Publication • Gala-Night Invitation • The Annual Yearbook • Physical Exhibition of Selected Projects • Feedback Notes by the Jury • Winner Services • Option to Sell Winning Designs • Sales Listing for Winning Products • Inclusion in Designer Rankings • Inclusion in World Design Rankings  • Proof of Creation Document  • Winners' Manual  • Inclusion in Business Network • Marketing and Consultancy • Invitation to Prime Clubs • Press Kit Platform. Learn about award winners' benefits.


Nomination to the A' Design Award and Competition is subject to a one-time application fee for each entry. Nomination fees change according to submission date; it costs less to join early and costs more to join late. It is important to note that unlike other design awards, there are no further fees if you win the competition. Learn more about fees and payments.

For Companies and Professionals: Companies can order bulk-nomination packages to submit multiple products with discounted prices.

For Amateurs and Students: There are special programs for
discounted or free entry, such as Award Scholarship or the Design Ambassador Program.


Learn more about the A' Design Award and Competition:


Learn About
1. Jury.
2. Winners.
3. Deadlines.
4. Entry.

5. Terms.
6. Eligibility.
7. Contacts.
8. Registration.
9. Award Categories.
10. Publications.

11. Organizers.
12. Award Trophy.
13. Winners' Kit.
14. Press Kits.
15. Questions.

Please note that A' Design Award & Competition, competition terms, conditions for entry, communications with award participants and further information regarding the event is available in English only.  Therefore when applying for the awards, we suggest you to employ a translator or English speaking assistant who could help you nominate your works successfully.